We are hiring for a Full-time Operator position in Pain Court!

Job Responsibilities

  • Apply fertilizer to Sylvite customers as directed by the customer and sales team
  • Receive trucks (or railcars and vessels where applicable) of fertilizer, seeds, chemicals or other products
  • Load trucks with fertilizer
  • Make fertilizer blends as directed by the sales team for customer pick-ups or deliveries
  • Deliver fertilizer or assist custom applications
  • Perform routine maintenance on loading and blending equipment
  • Package fertilizer or other dry products as required
  • Load packaged products with a forklift as required
  • Perform routine clean up and maintenance of the site
  • Maintain professionalism and a customer service attitude towards customers or truck drivers when delivering or picking up products at the branch
  • Perform functions as requested by the relevant supervisor

Experience Requirements

  • 2+ years custom application experience is an asset
  • 1+ year loader experience
  • DZ/AZ license is an asset
  • Forklift certificate preferred

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