3 Ways to Maximize Yields and Profitability in the 2024 Season

3 Ways to Maximize Yields and Profitability in the 2024 Season

October 10, 2023

As we gear up for the 2024 growing season, it’s essential to make informed decisions when it comes to selecting corn and soybean seeds. The right seed choices can have a significant impact on your crop’s success. To assist you in this critical process, here are three key tips for seed selection from our Agronomists:

  1. Choose Seed Varieties Tailored to Your Region
    Take your local conditions into account when selecting seed varieties. Climate, soil type, and pest pressures can vary widely, and certain varieties may perform better in specific regions. Consult with our local experts or trusted seed dealers who understand your area’s unique challenges and opportunities. Opt for varieties with proven success in your region, offering consistent yields and resistance to local pests and diseases.
  2. Analyze Yield and Performance Data
    Informed decisions start with data analysis. Review yield and performance data from your fields and local trials over previous growing seasons. Identify seed varieties that consistently deliver high yields, strong standability, and resistance to prevalent pests and diseases in your area. Data-driven choices can help you achieve your crop goals.
  3. Consider Agronomic and Technology Traits
    Evaluate agronomic traits like maturity, height, and disease resistance when making seed selections. Also, factor in technology traits, such as herbicide tolerance (e.g., glyphosate or glufosinate tolerance) and insect resistance (e.g., Bt traits). Ensure these traits align with your farming practices and management objectives, as they can significantly impact your crop’s performance and ease of management.

Your choice of corn and soybean seeds is a critical decision that can shape the outcome of your entire season. By tailoring your selections to local conditions, relying on performance data, and considering agronomic and technology traits, you can set the stage for a successful 2024 crop season.If you have any questions or need further assistance with seed selection, our team of agronomy experts is here to help. Your success is our priority, and we’re committed to supporting you every step of the way.

For help with 2024 seed selection, contact your local Sylvite Branch.