Inputs & Seeds

Our organically-approved soil amendments are selected to improve soil structure and nutrient cycling — housing and feeding the soil biology that feeds your crops — economically and sustainably!

Grow Organic with Sylvite

Organic farming is rising in popularity across the globe, with focuses now on how we can farm organically on larger scales while making economically-sustainable decisions. Sylvite Agri-Services is happy to provide a variety of tried-and-true organic products to help your crop flourish.

Our Organic Inputs
  • OMRI Listed Trio
  • Liquid Fish Fertilizer
  • OMRI - Listed Sulphate of Potash
  • Good N' Green
  • CalPhos
  • Fertoz Rock Phosphate
  • Seacliff Green Organic Fertilizer
  • Dried Egg Shells
  • HumicDG, Black Gypsum
  • EcoTea™
  • Cycle Organic Fertilizer

Organic Inputs

Sylvite’s approved organic inputs list includes product, analysis, uses, sizes, and comments. Click to review our current list.

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Organic Seed

Our organic seed selection is extensive. Click here to review what is currently available.

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