Sylvite Customer Account Management Portal

Sylvite is pleased to launch a personalized portal for our customers to access statements and invoices digitally through Versapay. Our goal is to make sure you have access to your account information at all times by providing you with a holistic view of your account as well as making the payment process easier for you.


Here are a few reasons why getting your account information digitally is beneficial:

1. Receive timely notifications of new invoices via email as they are billed instead of monthly.
2. Keep track of your invoices and see invoice history all in one place.
3. Pay invoices securely online with saved payment methods quickly and easily.

Setting up your account with Sylvite through Versapay will be as simple as clicking the link and creating a password.

We understand that this new way of receiving and paying invoices will be an adjustment. Rest assured, we have been working hard to make this transition a successful one for you. The team is ready to tackle any questions or help you may require. Please contact your branch or the Sylvite credit department for assistance using the information provided below.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Where do I go to log in to my customer portal?

Every time an invoice is emailed to you, there is a link to your portal. There is also a link the “Access My Account” on the home page of

2. Can I continue to receive my invoices and statements in the mail?

Yes, you can! You will always have the option to use the Versapay system should you ever change your mind. If you find that you are missing invoices, you can look in your personalized portal to retrieve them quickly.

3. I want to continue to receive my invoices and statements by email.

Going forward this is the platform that our invoices will be emailed out on. There will be PDF copes attached to the email as well as links to access your portal that you have the option of using or not. You don’t have to sign up but you will always have the option to go in and see your information at any time.

4. I prefer to pay by cheque or through my on-line banking platform – can I continue to do so?

Using the payment options in the Versapay system is OPTIONAL, you can continue to pay by cheque or through your on-line banking platform.

5. What does the “Early Pay Incentive” mean?

There is an option to pay by credit card through the Versapay system, which includes the 2% surcharge, if the invoice is less than 60 days old.

6. If I make a payment from my bank account that I add to my profile, how long does it take for my payment to appear in Versapay?

If your payment is properly confirmed the Versapay system will show your invoice(s) paid immediately. If your payment is made outside of the Versapay system, your invoices will show as paid (or closed) once we’ve received your payment in branch and processed it. Please allow for at least a 48 hour lag.

7. Who do I call if something doesn’t look right in my customer portal?

Contact the administrator in your local branch. Or contact the Sylvite Credit Department directly at 226-667-2210.

Have questions? Talk to us!
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