PROLONG® is a premium golf course fertilizer for homeowners containing slow-release nitrogen, so your lawn stays greener for longer.

A premium golf course fertilizer containing a combination of fast release and slow-release nitrogen. PROLONG® 30-0-3 Lawn Fertilizer quickly gets your lawn looking greener and thicker, while keeping it looking beautiful longer. Enhanced with both humic acid and iron, humic acid helps improve the overall health of your soil, while iron provide a darker green home lawn.

Key Benefits

The key benefits of using PROLONG® 30-0-3 Lawn Fertilizer:

  • Contains 25% slow-release nitrogen
  • Contains humic acid to improve soil health
  • Contains iron for a darker green lawn
  • Available in 6kg recyclable box or 12kg bag

Visit your local Canadian Tire to purchase PROLONG® Lawn Fertilizer.

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