Young corn seedlings in a field.


Protect your Nitrogen investment with Sylvite's line of SylLock™ products.

Protect Your Nitrogen Investment

SylLock™ products reduce nitrogen loss so your plants get more, the environment gets less and you get the biggest return on your fertilizer investment. We offer a complete line of innovative, highly efficient and effective fertilizer enhancements to suit any need and budget. All SylLock™ solutions are easy-to use and offer economical per-acre protection for your crop.

Good For Your Crop and the Environment

Along with reducing ammonia emissions, which is better for the environment, SylLock™ products support good nutrient stewardship:

  • Right Source: Effectiveness of active ingredients NBPT and DCD is proven and documented
  • Right Rate: Offers 2-4 week protection
  • Right Time: Maximum flexibility – suitable for any crop, soil and season
  • Right Place: Reduce nitrogen loss

Reap the Benefits!

  • Cost-effective and easy-to-use
  • Economical per-acre protection
  • Low-odour formulas contain dyes that makes uniform coverage/agitation simple
  • Maximum flexibility to time in-field application and incorporation
  • Research shows that use of SylLock™ can improve yield by up to 12% and, as a result, drive up your profits.

Our SylLock™ Products
  • SylLockUp™
  • SylLockDown™
  • SylLockPlus™

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