7 Winter Safety Tips

7 Winter Safety Tips

January 18, 2022

Across Ontario yesterday we experienced an epic winter storm. We haven’t seen snow like that in a long time. We hope that you were able to stay safe and dig your way out!

When thinking about all the snow yesterday, we felt it was relevant to touch on some farm safety. Many had to clean tremendous amounts of snow off their property and vehicles. Maybe even dig out a few neighbours as well.


  • When cleaning the snow, make sure that the flashing lights are working on tractors
  • Slow Moving Vehicle (SMV) signs are reflective and in good shape for visibility
  • Take extra clothing/water with you in your vehicle in case you are stuck someplace
  • Watch out for obstacles that might be at edge of roads/driveways when plowing out
  • Clear snow off house/barn roofs if it is piling up too high
  • Ensure kids are safe and out of the way when snow blowing/plowing
  • Take frequent breaks. Having a designated warm-up area is important when working in wet and cold conditions.

Winter weather can cause woes, but being prepared, dressing for the elements and being wise can keep everyone warm and safe this season.