Enhancing Soybean Crop Health

Enhancing Soybean Crop Health

July 10, 2023
Fungicide, Foliage Nutrients, and White Mold Management

Are you looking for strategies to enhance your soybean crop health? At Sylvite we have put together practical tips for utilizing fungicides, optimizing foliage nutrients, and managing white mold.

Fungicide Tips:

  • Choose the right fungicide based on recommended guidelines.
  • Follow label instructions for proper rates, timing, and application techniques.
  • Apply fungicides preventatively, especially during periods of high disease pressure.
  • Consider tank-mixing fungicides with different modes of action.
  • Regularly scout fields and adjust applications based on disease development.

Foliage Nutrient Management:

  • Conduct soil tests to determine nutrient requirements.
  • Apply fertilizers based on soil test recommendations.
  • Consider split-applications for nitrogen to match crop demand.
  • Time nutrient applications to coincide with critical growth stages.
  • Monitor plant tissue nutrient levels through leaf sampling.

Managing White Mold:

  • Rotate crops to reduce mold inoculum.
  • Optimize plant spacing canopy management for airflow.
  • Monitor weather conditions during flowering for high humidity.
  • Select cultivars with increased white mold tolerance or resistance.
  • Apply fungicides at flowering or susceptible stages with thorough coverage.

Remember to practice integrated pest management and proactive agronomic practices for overall crop health and disease management.

For any questions or to share your success stories, we are here to help!

Wishing you a successful growing season and bountiful soybean harvest.