If precision farming is in your future or something you already do, a yield map is the single most important piece of data there is. It’s the key input to next year’s agronomy crop plan and the current year’s report card.

Start Generating Yield Maps Today

We make it easy and affordable for farmers to generate yield maps. Our retrofit yield monitor can be user-installed quickly on any combine. The FarmTRX Mobile App displays live harvest data and uploads automatically to our web-platform. The FarmTRX Web App immediately generates high-quality yield maps. Easily view your yield maps, share them with your agronomist, or export to other farm management software. FarmTRX treats all data as confidential; we do not share or sell your yield data.

Everything You Need for Automatic Yield Maps
  • FarmTRX Yield Monitor
  • FarmTRX Mobile App For Andriod and iOS
  • FarmTRX Web App

Combine harvester in front of the setting sun. Wheat field.

FarmTRX Retrofit Hardware

Designed by Farmers, for Farmers, and Made in Canada.

The FarmTRX Yield Monitor can easily be user-installed on any age/model combine in only a few hours using common tools. The yield monitor features a built-in GPS antenna, Bluetooth connectivity, and memory to store 5+ years of yield data. It uses optical sensors mounted on the clean grain elevator to measure yield, which are much more robust, serviceable, and user friendly than impact plate style sensors. You can now also upgrade your FarmTRX Yield Monitor with a moisture sensor. Three months subscription to FarmTRX web application included with purchase.

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