Nitrogen Stabilizers

Nitrogen Stabilizers

June 11, 2020

Nitrogen Stabilizers for Your Crop

Nitrogen management has always been a challenge in high nitrogen demanding crops such as corn and winter wheat. There are three pathways that can contribute to significant nitrogen losses:

  • Volatilization – loss of ammonia nitrogen to the atmosphere from the soil surface
  • Denitrification – occurs when soils are saturated and in an anaerobic environment
  • Leaching – downward movement of nitrate nitrogen out of the rooting zone due to excessive rains

The challenge has always been to make nitrogen available when the crop needs it and minimize the exposure of nitrogen to the weather scenarios that contribute to N loss.

We often apply nitrogen early in the season before the crop actually utilizes it. For example, the demand for nitrogen in corn is at its peak at about the V10 growth stage (often around early to mid-July). Split-applying nitrogen has been a reasonably effective way to reduce the risk of nitrogen loss, however it does come with added application costs.

Nitrogen stabilizer products have been developed and fine-tuned to slow down the conversion of applied nitrogen forms to ammonia and nitrate (forms of nitrogen that are volatile, can be denitrified, and/or are leachable). These produces can be added to Urea and 28% UAN effectively and efficiently.

What are the Benefits of Nitrogen Stabilizers?

  • Delays the conversion of soil applied nitrogen to forms that increase the chance of volatilization, denitrification, and leaching.
  • Increase plant available nitrogen longer into the growing season and closer to peak demand.
  • Relatively inexpensive “insurance” to protect your nitrogen investment.
  • A hedge against the unpredictable weather that can lead to nitrogen loss.

Sylvite’s Solution to Nitrogen Volatilization and Denitrification

Sylvite’s proprietary SylLock™ products reduce nitrogen loss so your plants get more, the environment gets less and you get the biggest return on your fertilizer investment! We offer a complete line of innovative, highly efficient and effective fertilizer enhancements to suit any need and budget. All SylLock™ solutions are easy-to use and offer economical per-acre protection for your crop.

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