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Our Growth

We've been helping Ontario farmers grow since 1977 – it's what we do.

A Look at How We've Grown

Founded in 1977, Sylvite has always been committed to our customers in the incredibly diverse wholesale, agriculture, transportation and industrial chemical industries. Over the first 5 years of business, Sylvite focused on providing customers with high quality agricultural fertilizer products; primarily potash fertilizer produced from the sylvanite ore from which the company takes its name. Through strategic partnerships and acquisitions of other thriving businesses, Sylvite has grown into a full-service agricultural and industrial supplier. Allied operations in Canada and the United States have allowed Sylvite to play a significant role in moving fertilizer across the eastern seaboard.

Our History

1977 – Sylvite Sales was founded by Alex Henry and Don Rutherford in Toronto, ON.

1983 – Hugh Loomans purchases Sylvite Sales.

1989 – Sylvite USA is established in partnership with Bob McNaughton, and Sylvite Southeast is launched in Lakeland, Florida.

1990 – Sylvite International is created.

1993 – Sylvite invests in Coldsprings Ontario Agri-Services, establishing Sylvite Agri-Services.

1994 – Sylvite Central is opened in Shawnee Mission, Kansas.

1995 – Sylvite USA establishes Sylco Service and Terminal in Lewiston, Pennsylvania.

1997 – Sylvite purchases Pier 12 in Hamilton, Ontario.

1998 – Sylvite Industrial Chemical is established.

1999 – Sylvite purchases the remaining shares of Coldsprings Agri-Services.

2001 – Sylvite Transportation is created.

2003 – Sylvite Financial Services is launched.

2005 – Sylvite Western Region is founded in partnership with Abocol.

2007 – Sylvite purchases warehouse facilities in Lakeland, Florida.

2011 – Sylvite Transportation expands to Canton, Ohio.

2015 – Sylvite partners with S-P Packaging, now called NuTec, to acquire Agrium Advanced Technologies packaging plant in Putnam, Ontario.

2016 – Pestell Transport Ltd. in New Hamburg, Ontario is acquired.

2019 – Sylvite Transportation acquires Cooper Brothers Trucking in Akron, Ohio.

2019 – Sylvite Agri-Services purchases Thompsons Limited Farm Services, increasing our retail locations from 5 to 15.

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