Foliar applied slow release nitrogen.

Product Description

ALPINE SRN® liquid fertilizer functions as an efficient source of Nitrogen at critical growth stages in field crops, vegetables, turf and fruits.

Analysis: 28-0-0

Properties: Liquid



  • The most efficient form of nitrogen available
  • Provides slow even release of nitrogen for a period of 30 days when foliar applied
  • Reduces leaching and volatilization
  • Provides excellent foliar absorption
  • May be used as a carrier for crop protection chemicals


  • Contains 28% total nitrogen of which 72% is slowly available
  • Very low salt index
  • Excellent storability
  • Non burning and non-corrosive
  • May be mixed with other fertilizers
  • Apply aerial at low volumes – may be applied diluted with water or undiluted

Product Availability

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Manufacturer: Nachurs Alpine Solutions