Canopy PRO

Canopy™ PRO herbicide is your best defense against early-season weeds. As a pre-emergence herbicide with two modes of action and broad-spectrum residual activity it will help slay your toughest weeds.

Groups: 2, 5


  • Canopy PRO delivers powerful burndown and residual action against annual weeds.
  • Early pre-emergence weed removal keeps your fields clean through the critical early stages of growth.
  • Managing weeds early helps your crop reach its maximum yield potential.
  • Canopy PRO is an excellent stewardship choice for growers who want to introduce multiple modes of action into their weed management program.
  • Because Canopy PRO has two modes of action (Group 2 and Group 5), it’s a practical, effective tool to help manage weed resistance.
  • Canopy PRO can be used pre-plant or pre-emergence in a variety of tillage situations, including no-till, conservation tillage or conventional tillage.
  • Canopy PRO is also a solid agronomic choice because it will reduce weed populations through the critical first to third trifoliate growth stages. This provides increased flexibility for in-crop herbicide timing.

Manufacturer: Corteva