Decis® provides fast, effective control of a wide range of insects, including grasshoppers.

Group: 3


  • Controls a variety of insects in many crops
  • Particularly effective on lepidopteran insects (flea beetle, diamondback moth, Bertha armyworm, cutworm and grasshopper)
  • Fast-acting control
  • Easy-to-use liquid formulation; pours and mixes easily
  • Low application rates, less product to handle and fewer containers to dispose of
  • Registered for both ground and aerial application
  • Short pre-harvest interval
  • Safe on crops, regardless of a plant’s development stage
  • Tank-mixable with many leading herbicides, including Puma120 Super, Buctril® M, 2, 4-D and MCPA
  • Wide temperature range, unlike many insecticides, Decis provides excellent control even at low temperatures

Manufacturer: Bayer