Delegate™ insecticide provides long-lasting control of a broad spectrum of insects in fruit and vegetable crops. It has a favourable environmental and toxicological profile and has minimal effects on beneficials, making it ideal for most Integrated Pest Management programs.

Group: 5


  • No other class of products affects the insect’s nervous system with the same mode of action as spinetoram, the active ingredient in Delegate. For this reason, Delegate is an excellent rotational product for use in an Integrated Pest Management system.
  • Delegate offers low use rates delivered through a convenient dry formulation.
  • Delegate quickly and effectively controls foliage-feeding pests across many horticulture crops, knocking down pests within minutes to hours of application. Delegate also offers quick knockdown and residual control of Western bean cutworm and European corn borer in field corn.

Manufacturer: Corteva