Engarde™ herbicide delivers the ol’ one, two with twice the protection in one powerful corn herbicide. Engarde provides twice the performance with two modes of action; twice the control with knockdown and residual activity; twice the coverage with broadleaf and grassy weeds; and twice the flexibility with a window of application from pre-emergence to the two-leaf stage.

Groups: 2, 27


  • Enhanced broad-spectrum early weed control from two powerful active ingredients.
  • Post and residual activity on a broad spectrum of annual broadleaf and grass weeds.
  • An ideal early setup program in glyphosate tolerant corn or tank mix with a pre-emergence grass herbicide for a one-pass early weed control program.
  • Tank mix with a glyphosate of choice for early post-emergence applications up to the two-leaf stage of corn.
  • Homogeneous blend technology delivers a convenient, all-in-one dry formulation – it’s everything you need in one 40-acre jug.
  • Application is flexible from pre-emergence to early post-emergence up to the two-leaf stage of corn.
  • Flexible for conventional, minimum or no-till corn production.
  • Can be used on conventional and herbicide tolerant corn hybrids.

Manufacturer: Corteva