Gavel 75 DF

Gavel® 75 DF is a protectant fungicide for control of tough diseases in Onions and bulb crops, potatoes, tomatoes, grapes and cucurbits, including late blight, early blight, downy mildew, neck rot, purple blotch, and Phytophthora rot, see label for complete list.

Groups: 22, 3M


  • Gavel® 75 DF contains both zoxamide and mancozeb, each having different modes of action.
  • Gavel® 75 DF binds strongly to the leaf waxy cuticle for superior rainfastness.
  • Gavel also exhibits vapor action which helps distribute Gavel’s protective action over a wider leaf and stem area.
  • With two active ingredients providing multi-site activity, superior rainfastness and vapor action, Gavel offers highly effective and long residual control of key diseases such as late blight and downy mildew.

Manufacturer: Gowan