Lagon 480E

LAGON® 480E has become one of Canada’s leading insecticides due to its reliable performance under a wide range of environmental conditions, the wide variety of crops it can be used in and the broad-spectrum of insects controlled. When growers have tough to control insects in their crops, they can count on LAGON to control the problem every time.

Group: 1B


  • Pests such as aphids, leafhoppers, tarnished plant bugs, lygus bugs, bean beetles and spider mites suck juices and nutrients out of the plant reducing plant/seed development. Bean beetles feed on pods and leaves, LAGON controls them all!
  • Provides local systemic, contact and stomach activity.
  • The product is absorbed and translocated by the leaf tissue to the insect’s location. LAGON penetrates the leaf and gets to the underside of leaves to kill aphids, with up to 7 days control.
  • Active under a wide range of application temperatures, it works well during hot periods when aphids and mites thrive. Part of a sound resistance management strategy – a group 1B insecticide/acaricide.
  • Adding LI 700® non-ionic penetrating surfactant to the spray tank benefits the control.
  • Lowering spray water pH to 5-6 is optimal and costs only pennies per acre.
  • LI 700 has unique penetrating properties which improves the systemic action of the LAGON to optimize efficacy.

Manufacturer: UAP