Movento 240 SC

Movento® insecticide is the most effective solution for your potato, apple, grape and a number of vegetable crops. Spray before threshold is reached and its two-way systemic action and strong residual control will ensure aphids stay out, all season long. You’ll never forget the day Movento came, either. But for an entirely different reason altogether.

Group: 23


  • Movento (spirotetramat) is a Group 23 with a new mode of action from a class of chemistry called tetramic acid that acts as a Lipid Biosynthesis Inhibitor (LBI). As an LBI, Movento works by inhibiting the insect’s ability to produce lipids, resulting in symptoms of poisoning and subsequent death following exposure.
  • Movento provides excellent, long-term control of immature and adult female stages of aphids, various species of scale, mealybugs and Phylloxera.
  • Following a foliar application, Movento rapidly moves into leaf vascular tissue and is carried up and down the plant system to protect leaf and root tissue.
  • Movento’s residual activity continues to protect new plant growth.

Manufacturer: Bayer