Troublesome volunteer canola has been popping up everywhere. In many instances these volunteers can be tolerant to the herbicide system you are using, provide a host for dangerous diseases and may not feature the same agronomic traits as your new canola crop. But moving forward this doesn’t need to be a problem.

Group: 6


  • Pardner® herbicide is now registered as a pre-seed, tank-mix partner with RoundUp WeatherMAX® herbicide and other similar glyphosate technologies for control of all volunteer canola, even if they’re tolerant to other herbicide groups. Plus it protects from 28 broadleaf weeds, even if they have resistance to other herbicide groups, like Group 9- and 2-resistant kochia.
  • NEWLY registered for pre-seed application when tank mixed with RoundUp WeatherMAX herbicide and other similar glyphosate technologies
  • For the best results, it’s highly recommended to use 10 gallons of water per acre.
  • Pardner is a contact herbicide and coverage is essential A must for Genuity® RoundUp Ready®, and Clearfield® canola growers to control all volunteer canola (1-4 leaf stage)
  • Canola’s lack of competitiveness during emergence makes a clean field extremely important
  • Ensures your canola crop gets off to a good start and maximizes yield potential Increased control of troublesome broadleaf weeds like wild buckwheat and Group 9-resistant kochia

Manufacturer: Bayer