Scala® is a systemic fungicide for control of botrytis in grapes and strawberries, scab in apples and pears, early blight in potatoes and storage diseases in apples (ON and QC only). It provides translaminar and vapour activity to protect both sides of the leaf and expand the protected area.

Group: 9


  • Scala is the only fungicide for grapes proven to significantly reduce laccase in wine, an enzyme produced by botrytis that negatively affects wine quality.
  • It is known as the cool weather fungicide in apples and pears due to its unique ability to perform well in cool spring conditions.
  • Used as a pre-harvest spray, Scala also protects apples in storage from destructive diseases such as botrytis and penicillium.
  • In potatoes, Scala is the only Group 9 fungicide registered for protection against early blight.
  • Scala has a unique mode of action – different than strobilurins – and is registered as a tank mix with Bravo® to provide two modes of action for stronger resistance management.
  • A new registration for aerial application in potatoes means Scala can now be applied by air as well as ground equipment to control early blight.

Manufacturer: Bayer