Simplicity™ GoDRI™ herbicide provides elite wild oat control, including Group 1 resistant wild oats in a convenient, easy-to-use GoDRI formulation.

Group: 2


  • Manage Group 1 resistant wild oats in wheat by switching to Simplicity GoDRI, a highly effective Group 2 herbicide that works hard to keep fields clean.
  • Simplicity GoDRI offers flexibility in its application timing, tank-mix partners and crop rotation.
  • Apply up to flag leaf emergence, tank mix with any Corteva Agriscience broadleaf product and rotate to any crop the following year without restriction.
  • GoDRI RDT™ is a highly concentrated formulation that is easy to use and mixes quickly in the tank. It requires less packaging and handling so farmers can fill a sprayer tank and cover a lot of acres, in a lot less time.

Manufacturer: Corteva