SWORD is a concentrated, premium methyl phenoxy ester (MCPA) herbicide that maximizes crop safety, controls a wide range of broadleaf weeds and is an ideal tank mix partner for small grains, flax, rangelands, pastures, turf and other crop and non-crop uses.

Group: 4


  • Superior to 2,4-D on mustard, thistle, hoary cress (white top), poison hemlock, and hempnettle.
  • Reduces Canada thistle competition more effectively than other phenoxies because SWORD can be applied earlier to wheat, barley or rye.
  • User-friendly, concentrated, formulation requires less product per acre, which reduces handling, mixing, freight costs and storage requirements
  • Wide window of application extends application timing.
  • Compatible and easily tank mixed with many other herbicides, insecticides and liquid nitrogen solutions.
  • Rainfast in one hour.

Manufacturer: Loveland Products