Properties: Liquid with Blue Colourant


  • SylLockDown™ contains the active ingredient dicyandiamide – or DCD – an approved and recognized nitrification inhibitor. Once nitrogen is below the soil surface, nitrification (the conversion of ammonium to nitrate) can occur. DCD inhibits the enzymes in the soil that convert ammonium to nitrate and by doing so, reduces nitrogen loss from the root zone through leaching.
  • Economical per-acre protection
  • Zero negative impact on beneficial enzymes in the soil
  • Can be mixed with irrigation water when blended with UAN
  • Reduces nitrogen in the water table, which is better for the environment
  • Water clear solution with long shelf-life and cold storage
  • Contains a blue dye that makes uniform coverage/agitation simple

Application Methods: Liquid Fertilizer Application or Dry Application on Urea

Manufacturer: Sylvite Agri-Services Ltd.

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