Valtera™ is a pre-emergent residual herbicide that offers up to 8 weeks early season control in soybeans and wheat. It knocks out troublesome weeds like Canada fleabane, common ragweed, and waterhemp to get a crop off to a good start.

Group: 14


  • Early season control eliminates broadleaf weed pressure early on in wheat and soybeans
  • Extended control with powerful residual activity provides longer lasting control of trough weeds
  • Resistance management tool that controls glyphosate-resistant weeds
  • Apply in fall or spring (check label for specific crop registrations)
  • Broad-spectrum residual weed control that lasts up to 8 weeks
  • Extended early season control for extra in-crop herbicide flexibility and improves the efficacy of in-crop herbicide applications by having to target fewer, smaller weeds
  • Yield potential is increased through early elimination of weed competition
  • More re-cropping flexibility the following year

Manufacturer: NuFarm