Scouting and Herbicide Efficacy

Scouting and Herbicide Efficacy

May 30, 2023

As corn and soybean planting finishes scouting begins.

For an early planted field the crop may already be out of the ground. The 2023 planting season has been cool and dry.   With lack of moisture and frost as a concern estimating plant stands should be timely to determine any replants as soon as possible.

If the crops are growing so are the weeds. Fields with pre plant or pre emerge herbicides should be scouted for weed escapes. With the dry weather some herbicides may not have been sufficiently activated and resprays should be considered sooner rather than later before the weeds grow too large.
Why is Crop Scouting Important:

Crop scouting is an essential practice for monitoring crop health and identifying potential issues early on. It involves regularly inspecting fields to assess crop growth, pest presence, disease symptoms, nutrient deficiencies, and other factors that may affect crop productivity. Scouting allows farmers to make informed decisions about pest management, nutrient applications, and overall crop management strategies.

Crop scouting is typically conducted throughout the growing season, starting from the early stages of crop emergence. At Sylvite we perform scouting activities by visually inspecting plants, checking for signs of pests, diseases, nutrient imbalances, weed infestations, and other crop-related issues. Scouting your field involves walking through your acreage, using specialized tools or equipment, and collecting samples for further analysis if necessary.

Once we have gathered the necessary information we are able to put together a customized analysis and plan to tackle any issue found. Not only will we recommend products that could help your field, but also tips and tricks to ensure a profitable year this year and future years.

Herbicides and How They Can Help!

Herbicides play a crucial role in weed control and are commonly used in agriculture to manage weed pressures in various crops. The efficacy of herbicides can be influenced by factors such as weed species, growth stage, environmental conditions, application timing, and herbicide resistance. It is important to follow label instructions and guidelines as well as contact your local Sylvite Representative for specific recommendations.

To ensure effective herbicide application and maximize efficacy, you should typically consider the following factors:

  1. Weed identification: Identifying the weed species correctly is essential to choose the appropriate herbicide. Different herbicides target specific weed types, so knowing the weed species present in the field is crucial. This is where scouting your field comes in – let us help and do the leg work here!
  2. Weed growth stage: Herbicide efficacy can vary depending on the growth stage of the weeds. Some herbicides are most effective on young, actively growing weeds, while others target more mature weeds. Timing the herbicide application correctly based on weed growth stage is important for optimal results.
  3. Environmental conditions: Environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, and rainfall can influence herbicide efficacy. Following the recommended application conditions specified on the herbicide label to maximize effectiveness.
  4. Herbicide resistance management: Herbicide resistance is a concern in Ontario and can reduce the effectiveness of certain herbicides. Implementing integrated weed management strategies, including crop & herbicide rotation, using multiple herbicide modes of action, and incorporating cultural and mechanical weed control practices, can help manage herbicide resistance.
  5. Application techniques: Using proper application techniques, such as selecting the appropriate equipment, tank cleanout  with the appropriate cleaner, calibrating sprayers correctly, and ensuring uniform coverage, can enhance herbicide efficacy and minimize off-target drift. Always follow label directions about detergent vs. ammonia based tank cleaners.

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