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SN30™ is Sylvite's own premium UAN solution.

Ensure Your Crop is Getting What it Needs with SN30™

SN30™ is Sylvite’s own premium UAN solution, designed to satisfy your plants’ nutrient demands for Nitrogen and Sulphur.

Why is Sulphur Important?

  • Sulphur is considered a secondary macro-nutrient – behind NPK – in terms of importance to crop productivity.
  • Sulphur plays an important role in plant physiology and protection against environmental and biotic stresses.
  • Helps maintain dark green foliage, promotes nodule formation on legumes, and encourages more vigorous plant growth.

Why Should I use SN30™?

  • SN30™ contains 2% Sulphur in solution for convenient application of Sulphur.
  • SN30™ contains 6.7% more Nitrogen per gallon than the industry’s standard 28% UAN.
  • SN30™ is a more stable form of Nitrogen, which reduces loss through volatilization.

SN30™ is Better for the Environment

Sulphur slows soil urease when mixed with UAN and surface banded. Urease is an enzyme that converts urea and water to ammonia and carbon dioxide. If surface-applied UAN is hydrolyzed too quickly, part of the ammonia produced can leak back into the atmosphere and be lost. Sulphur is not the most effective urease inhibitor when compared to specific urease inhibitors. To have your Nitrogen stabilized and get maximum protection available use one of Sylvite’s SylLock products to assist. However, applying SN30 in a band can slow urea hydrolysis significantly, comparably to standard UAN.

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