Sylvite Purchases Thompsons Farm Services

Sylvite Purchases Thompsons Farm Services

December 4, 2019

On Wednesday, December 4th at 6:00PM, Sylvite Holdings Inc. finalized the purchase of Thompsons Limited’s Agronomy Division from The Andersons Inc., adding the accomplished business to our growing team.

Sylvite is the largest Canadian-owned, independent wholesaler of farm fertilizer in Ontario and eastern-Ontario. Founded in 1977, today Sylvite is 400+ employees strong with divisions focusing on agriculture, transportation, industrial chemical production and wholesale farm fertilizer sales. It is thanks to Sylvite’s dedicated customer base that we’ve been able to grow to the size and success that we are now; we’d be unable to be where we are today without these shareholders.

Sylvite’s purchase of Thompsons Limited Farm Services will allow both Sylvite and The Andersons to focus on their core businesses. With this sale, Sylvite will now assume ownership of Thompsons’ agronomy assets. Through working closely together with The Andersons, Sylvite hopes to ensure a seamless transition for all grower customers.

Sylvite hopes to capitalize on Thompsons’ knowledgeable sales staff, solid customer relationships and valuable equipment assets. Sylvite is dedicated to crop inputs, ensuring that the quality of the products and services we supply to our customers is our number one priority. Sylvite of course strives to provide our grower customers with the latest agriculture technologies required to plant and harvest their best crops.

If you’re a current Sylvite Agri-Services or Thompsons customer, you may be wondering how this purchase will affect you. Sylvite and The Andersons are working together to ensure that for both Thompsons’ employees and customers, the transition is as smooth as possible.

Should you have any additional questions about Sylvite’s purchase of Thompsons Limited, please do not hesitate to contact

Both Sylvite and The Andersons would like to thank our dedicated customers and hardworking employees for having patience throughout this purchase process. Sylvite would not be able to be where we are today without the hard work, collaboration and dedication of all of our company’s shareholders. Sylvite is excited for the future as we watch our business grow with this new addition.