Sylvite Transportation: Why Work With Us?

Sylvite Transportation: Why Work With Us?

September 20, 2019

Sylvite Transportation is constantly growing; we are always looking for Professional Drivers to join our team! Bringing on new team members is an important part of what we do and we take pride in ensuring the process is as seamless as possible. We welcome all new members as if they have been part of our company for years. In order to shed some light on the hiring process for Drivers at Sylvite, we spoke with Nancy West, Sylvite’s Driver Recruiter.

You have a very important role here at Sylvite – can you describe what you do and how you do it?

I supply the demand for drivers in Transportation. I advertise for and interview drivers here and in the U.S., as well as other positions in Transportation such as dispatchers and mechanics. We are actively searching for the right candidates to join our team; we attend and conduct job fairs big and small, and do our best to meet potential drivers at events and locations that are convenient to them.

How long have you been part of the Sylvite Team?

I started working with Sylvite in May of 2018.

As part of your recruitment process, you host pop-up job fairs at truck stops across Ontario (and sometimes in Ohio) on almost a weekly basis! What’s your favourite part of hosting these pop up job fairs, and why are they important?

Yes, we mainly host job fairs weekly; they’ve been a bit more scattered throughout the summer due to more weekend events. My favourite part of hosting job fairs is talking to people! Learning about their life and job experiences is really interesting. You’ve got to invest in your people. Building rapport is important; taking a bit of extra time with people is a good investment.

What should a Professional Driver expect to experience at one of Sylvite Transportation’s job fairs?

Most [drivers] love to walk away with a hat and a pen. We also give [prospective drivers] a full information package, as well as any feedback on questions they have. [If they’re interested] we’ll set up a road test or an interview.

Have the fairs been a successful recruitment avenue for you?

They have been very successful. I could talk to 2 to 3 people in a day, or I could talk to 10 drivers in a day. I’ve learned not to be disappointed when I don’t walk away [from a job fair] with a candidate in hand; sometimes they need to take time to mull it over. But [by hosting job fairs] we’re planting that seed in their minds!

What are you looking for in a new member of the Sylvite Transportation team?

We want someone who wants to build a career with us at Sylvite Transportation! Someone who’s constantly jumping from job to job may not be the right fit for us. [An ideal candidate] would have 2 to 5 years of experience.

What makes Sylvite Transportation a special place to work; why pick us?

Everyone is treated the same and we have an open door policy. We really care about our drivers. If [drivers] have any hassles, we are happy to do our best to rectify the issue and come up with positive solutions. Sylvite always advocates for its team members.

Sylvite Transportation opened a new repair shop this past June at our Harvester Road location. What’s the benefit to our drivers of this new facility?

The new repair shop adds a great convenience factor for our Drivers. As soon as an issue arises or a repair is needed, they can get their truck repaired immediately; this means our drivers don’t have to trade trucks.

What kind of routes does Sylvite Transportation have available? Do we offer truck specific routes (tanker, flatbed etc)?

Sylvite has an open board, which means that no one has a dedicated run. We don’t force our dispatch so drivers are able to pick their runs. This makes us very user-friendly. If a driver prefers to drive automatic, we’ll make sure they get an automatic truck. The same goes for drivers who prefer to drive manual.

What does a day in the life of a driver look like?

In the morning, our drivers will come in, get their dispatch and then head out on the road. Drivers are normally back nightly unless they’re driving cross-border. We also have runs from Hamilton [Ontario] to Akron [Ohio] and from Akron to Hamilton which run nightly.

The role for a truck driver has changed and more paper work seems part of the everyday role; what are your thoughts/comments?

I’d say it’s actually the opposite, as everything is e-logged now. Short of border documents, drivers can do all their documentation on their e-logs.

The Transportation industry has seen a driver shortage over the past 5 years. How is this shortage affecting Sylvite Transportation? How are you overcoming this challenge?

Of course this has affected us. By offering an honest wage and good benefits and pension plans, we’re doing alright at keeping up. We are transparent with drivers, and that will bring the right candidate in.

What advice do you have for young drivers looking to join the transportation industry?

[If you’re starting out as a young driver] you have to pay your dues and put in the time doing cross-border runs. And make sure you go to a reputable [driving] school!

Drivers that are adaptable are more enticing than those who are quick learners. Everyone can learn eventually; we are always looking for people who are congenial. And [a prospective driver] needs to be willing to be a part of a team!

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