The Next 10 Days Outlook

The Next 10 Days Outlook

June 13, 2022
The Next 10 Days Outlook

Here’s a few things to watch over the next 10 days:

True Armyworm in Wheat

Even though armyworm isn’t a major threat in most years, it’s good practice to keep an eye on wheat fields after heading for signs of armyworm feeding. Scout in the evening or early morning when armyworm are more active – they’ll hide in residue or near the base of the wheat plants during the heat of the day. Look for clipped leaves or, in some cases, clipped heads laying on the ground. Armyworm will often begin feeding in the sprayer tracks where wheat has been driven over – they’re not a concern if they stay there.

Weed Control in Corn

The window for weed control in corn is quickly closing with many products labelled up to the 6 to 8 leaf stage. Remember, the critical weed-free period is from emergence to V6, but tidying fields up now prevents weed seed additions to the soil and helps give a clean start to next year’s crop. Talk to your Sylvite rep if you still have some spraying to do!

Early Sidedressing

Sidedress season is now in full swing on fields that only had starter N applied. PSNT tests in Ontario have, so far (and anecdotally, as OMAFRA is not conducting a survey this year) been coming back with Nitrate levels that are as good or better than expected. With higher N prices, a PSNT test has the potential to save you some serious money if you are able to reduce your N rates. Don’t forget to add a stabilizer that we discussed last week!
If wet field conditions are keeping you from getting your sidedressing done, don’t worry. Sylvite has a variety of equipment available that can apply Nitrogen late into the season, offering flexibility should you need it. Watch for our late season N update next week!

IP Soybean Scouting

Now is the time to begin scouting your IP Soybeans (and tech beans too!) to make your in-crop herbicide plan. Scouting ahead of time is key to determine the weeds that are present and decide on the most effective control options for each of your fields. Controlling weeds in IP beans is critical to being able to harvest a clean, marketable crop that receives a full premium. Let us know if you need a hand checking your fields!
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