Sylvite Transportation’s warehousing services provide modern facilities, sophisticated inventory management, integrated logistics services, and dedicated account managers for the betterment of our customers. Our custom storage and handling solutions help customers focus on their core business while reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Our Warehousing Capabilities

Warehousing Features

  • Over 245,000 square feet of warehouse space available in Ontario
  • Multiple, modern high-cube facilities in the Greater Toronto Area and southwestern Ontario
  • Temperature-controlled food-grade warehouses
  • Equipped to handle almost any product from raw materials to finished goods – food, automotive, retail, agricultural and industrial

Inventory Management

  • High-speed communication between all facilities
  • Real-time asset visibility with wireless RF technology
  • Inventory management software
  • Barcoding technology
  • Support of all EDI standards
  • Secure 24-hour audio and video-monitored operations
  • Web-based tracking

Packaging and Handling

  • Reverse logistics, cross docking, flow-through distribution
  • Reprocessing
  • Repackaging, product modification, relabeling and assessment, corrective handling
  • Storage, assembly and finishing, all in one site
  • Consolidation and fulfillment
  • Co-packing, pick and pack, ticketing, bagging, boxing, shrink wrapping
  • Shipments customized to your exact requirements

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