Weed ID Wednesday: Annual Fleabane

Weed ID Wednesday: Annual Fleabane

August 20, 2020

Every week for #WeedIDWednesday we ask you to identify a weed from a few characteristics on our Facebook and Twitter pages! Let’s see if you can ID this weed from just a description!

Here’s the clue we gave you:

Welcome back to another #WeedIDWednesday with Sylvite! This week’s weed sports daisy-like inflorescences that are white to pink in colour, unlike its “Canadian” relative. This plant grows in a rosette and is most commonly found in cereal and forage crops. Have any ideas as to what it might be? Vote below!

If you voted that this description matched that of Annual Fleabane, you’d be right! Also called daisy fleabane, this weed is commonly found in pastures, meadows and forage crop fields.

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Featured Image: My Wildflowers

Additional Sources: OMAFRA