Weed ID Wednesday: Common Burdock

Weed ID Wednesday: Common Burdock

July 14, 2020

Yesterday we posted another #WeedIDWednesday trivia question on our Facebook and Twitter pages! Did you vote in our polls? What did you guess this weed was?

Here’s the clue we gave you:

It’s another #WeedIDWednesday! This weed has leaves that resemble rhubarb; the undersides are covered in woolly white hair. Its seed pods, called burs, are a common nuisance, as they often get stuck onto clothing and fur. Do you have any ideas as to what it is?

What was your guess? If you’re familiar with common agricultural weeds in Ontario, you might have guessed that this weed was Common Burdock! If you’ve ever taken a walk through the woods by yourself, or perhaps with a furry friend, you’ve probably encountered the sticky seed pods of this plant!

This biennial weed mainly prefers wet and fertile soils, like low-lying areas, ditches and roadsides.

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Featured Image: Four Season Foraging

Additional Sources: Province of Manitoba