Weed ID Wednesday: Ox-Eye Daisy

Weed ID Wednesday: Ox-Eye Daisy

June 24, 2020

Yesterday we posted our #WeedIDWednesday trivia question on our Facebook and Twitter pages! How successful were you?

Here’s the clue we gave you:

Happy #WeedIDWednesday! This week’s weed features a flower with a bright yellow centre and 20-30 white ray florets. Its leaves are lobed with shallow toothed margins. It’s also a member of the Asteraceae family! Do you have any ideas as to what it could be? Take a guess; vote in the poll below!

So what was your guess? If you’ve ever stopped to pick wildflowers at the side of the road, you may have encountered this weed. It’s Ox-Eye Daisy!

Ox-Eye Daisy is a perennial weed, which can be easily distinguished by its daisy-like flower heads with white rays and yellow centres. It’s commonly found across Ontario and often grows in dense populations along roads, in ditches, throughout cultivated fields and more.

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Featured Image: Sea to Sky Invasive Species Council (SSISC)

Additional Sources: OMAFRA