flourishing poison ivy is supposedly a byproduct of global warming

Weed ID Wednesday: Poison Ivy

June 17, 2020

Yesterday we posted our #WeedIDWednesday trivia question on our Facebook and Twitter pages! We love challenging our team, customers and followers, but we’ve started the season out with an easy one.

Here’s the clue we gave you:

This week’s weed is poisonous to the touch; usually it grows as stalks on the ground, but sometimes it will grow as a vine. This weed features “leaves of three”, which is part of a saying often used to identify it. Can you guess what it is?

Any guesses? “Leaves of three” means it must be Poison Ivy! Poison Ivy is a perennial weed often found throughout ditches and wooded areas, as well as along tree and fence rows.

As many know and have likely experienced, Poison Ivy causes skin irritation and can lead to rashes. Our recommendation is to wash thoroughly with soap if you’ve touched a Poison Ivy plant.

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Featured Image: St. Mary’s Medical Center

Additional Sources: OMAFRA