Weed ID Wednesday: Purple Deadnettle

Weed ID Wednesday: Purple Deadnettle

July 22, 2020

Yesterday we posted our latest #WeedIDWednesday trivia question on our Facebook and Twitter pages! Did you vote in the poll? Did you guess correctly?

Here’s the clue we gave you:

Happy #WeedIDWednesday! This week’s weed sports a unique square stem. Its flowers are pink to purple in colour and appear as whorls in the upper leaf axils. The leaves are triangular to heart-shaped and have rounded teeth. Any guesses?

If you voted that this description matched that of Purple Deadnettle, you’d be right! This winter annual is often mistaken for its cousin Henbit. It’s an aggressive grower, which is why when it is found, it’s often growing in large patches. It thrives in thin grasses, and is easily identified due to its square stem and pink-purple flowers and leaves.

Purple Deadnettle is typically more of a problem weed in small grains, alfalfa and no-tillage systems. Looking to control Purple Deadnettle in your lawn, garden or fields? In fall or early spring, apply a pre-emergent herbicide to kill the weed before it germinates again.

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Featured Image: Awkward Botany

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