Weed ID Wednesday: Tufted Vetch

Weed ID Wednesday: Tufted Vetch

August 13, 2020

Every week for #WeedIDWednesday we ask you to identify a weed from a few characteristics on our Facebook and Twitter pages! Let’s see if you can ID this weed from just a description!

Here’s the clue we gave you:

Happy #WeedIDWednesday! This creeping weed uses its tendrils to climb on other plants as it grows. The leaves of this plant are made up of small, opposite leaflets. This weed produces pea-like seed pods and sports bright purple flowers. What could it be?

What was your guess? If you voted Tufted Vetch, you’re right! This perennial weed reproduces by seed and can be found across the province. It’s a member of the pea family, as you can see from the pea-shaped seed pods that the plant produces.

It’s a fairly easy weed to identify;its leaves grow in a symmetrical row and its tendrils climb along whatever the plant can grab onto. As well, bright purple flowers give away this plant’s identity.

Most commonly this plant can be found in cultivated fields, pastures, along roadsides and in gardens.

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Featured Image: K Lynch for the Department of Agriculture and Aquaculture, New Brunswick

Additional Sources: OMAFRA, The Wildlife Trusts