Weed ID Wednesday: Waterhemp

Weed ID Wednesday: Waterhemp

July 1, 2020

Yesterday we posted our #WeedIDWednesday trivia question on our Facebook and Twitter pages! Did you guess correctly?

Here’s the clue we gave you:

Happy #WeedIDWednesday! This weed is a member of the pigweed family and is becoming a major concern for farmers in Ontario. It’s difficult to distinguish from other species; look for the hairless stem as an identifier. Do you know what it is?

So what was your guess? If you’re an active member of the Ontario agriculture community, you’ve likely heard of Waterhemp, the latest invasive weed to take over Ontario fields.

Waterhemp can be difficult to identify, often being misidentified as red-root pigweed or green pigweed. Waterhemp can be identified by its narrow leaves, wavy leaf margins and nearly hairless stems.

Growers should take care to scout corn and soybean fields for Waterhemp populations in Ontario. Get in touch with your Ag Consultant or Sales Representative if you’re looking to discuss weed control options for your farm.

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Featured Image: ONvegetables

Additional Sources: OMAFRA