Working Together. Giving Back Together.

Working Together. Giving Back Together.

December 14, 2021

Those most in need have faced difficult challenges through COVID-19 and even previous to that. Giving back to the members of our community who have experienced hardships these past two years is very important to Sylvite. We know that working together, supporting each other, is truly what makes a positive impact in our communities.

When thinking about how we could give back this year, we at Sylvite, wish to support our local food banks. Sylvite strives to give back in a way that has a direct positive impact by putting food on the table of those in need with a focus on the communities in which our businesses operate.

During the pandemic, our businesses were deemed essential and most of our employees have continued to work since March of 2020. With the support of our employees, we have substantially reduced our usual holiday celebrations so that those funds can be directed to those who have been less fortunate during the pandemic.

On behalf of Sylvite’s employees and management team, we wish you a wonderful holiday season and all the best for 2022.

Happy Holidays,

The Sylvite Team