Ammonium Sulfate

A high-analysis fertilizer that provides efficient nitrogen and readily-available sulfur to crops.

Product Description

Sulf-N® ammonium sulfate (21-0-0-24S) is a research-tested and field-proven source of readily-available sulfate sulfur and loss-resistant ammonium nitrogen. As one of the world’s largest producers of ammonium sulfate, we offer granular, mid and soluble sizes for use in bulk blending or direct application to deliver the essential nutrients your crops need.

Analysis: 21-0-0-24S


  • High bulk density maximizes bin space
  • Coated with anti-caking agent to maintain ease of handling
  • Can also be directly applied

Application Methods

  • Broadcast (dry surface application)


  • Sulfur deficiencies have become more common, mainly due to the use of sulfur-free fertilizers, higher crop yields and reduced sulfur emissions.
  • Like nitrogen, microorganisms will immobilize sulfur to balance their carbon-to-sulfur ratio.
  • This can also contribute to a sulfur deficiency, especially under conservation tillage practices where crop residues accumulate on the soil surface.


  • Sulfur deficiencies can be visually observed.
  • Plants deficient in sulfur show a pale green coloring of younger leaves — not to be confused with nitrogen deficiency found on older leaves.

Product Availability

This product is regularly stocked at all of our Agri-Services locations: Blacks Lane, Blenheim, Granton, Hensall, Kent Bridge, Mitchell, Norwich, Pain Court, Pontypool, Port Albert, Putnam, Silverhill, and Sunnyside.

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