Ammonium Nitrate

Ammonium Nitrate (AN), is a granular, nitrogen-based product with a nitrogen content of 34 or 34.5 percent.

Product Description

Ammonium Nitrate is widely used in the agriculture industry due to its high N content and highly available forms of N for crop uptake.

Analysis: 34 – 0 – 0

Properties: White to pale yellow granule; water-soluble product

Application Methods

  • Broadcast (dry surface application)


  • Ammonium nitrate’s advantage over urea is that it is more stable and does not rapidly lose nitrogen to the atmosphere


  • Over extended periods of time, Ammonium Nitrate will deteriorate, particularly in humid environments
  • AN is explosive under certain conditions

Product Availability

Due to safety concerns, storage and use of ammonium nitrate is now highly regulated, and sales are restricted.

This product is regularly stocked at all of our Agri-Services locations: Blacks Lane, Blenheim, Granton, Hensall, Kent Bridge, Mitchell, Norwich, Pain Court, Pontypool, Port Albert, Putnam, Silverhill, and Sunnyside.

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