SN30 is Sylvite’s own premium UAN solution that is used to prevent Sulphur deficiencies in crops.

Product Description

SN30 is Sylvite’s own premium UAN solution.

Analysis: 30 – 0 – 0 – 2% S

Properties: Liquid Fertilizer

Application Method

  • Foliar spray application


  • SN30 contains 2% Sulphur in solution for convenient application of Sulphur
  • SN30 has 6.7% more Nitrogen per gallon than industry standard 28% UAN
  • SN30 is a more stable form of Nitrogen, which reduces loss through volatilization
  • Sulphur is considered a secondary Macronutrient – behind NPK – in terms of importance to crop productivity
  • Sulphur is a component of the amino acids cysteine and methionine making Sulphur essential for protein synthesis in plants
  • Sulphur plays an important role in plant physiology and protection against environmental and biotic stresses. Sulphur also helps maintain dark green foliage, promotes nodule formation on legumes, encourages more vigorous plant growth.

Product Availability

This product is regularly stocked at all of our Agri-Services locations: Blacks Lane, Blenheim, Granton, Hensall, Kent Bridge, Mitchell, Norwich, Pain Court, Pontypool, Port Albert, Putnam, Silverhill, and Sunnyside.

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Manufacturer: Sylvite Agri-Services

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