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We've been providing top quality fertilizer and seed products for over 40 years.

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Our fleet is powered by 135+ passionate and dedicated drivers.

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We're Always Growing

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Our Promise & Vision

Sylvite was founded more than 40 years ago on honesty, integrity and innovation, and these core values continue to guide us into the future. As your vertically-integrated partner, it is our long-term commitment to provide you with the best value possible by investing in understanding your business, its requirements and collectively focusing on profitability for years to come.

Hugh Loomans Hugh Loomans, President and CEO Meet Our Team
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Sep '24 404'4 4'2 407'0 397'2
Dec '24 419'4 4'4 422'4 411'6
Mar '25 433'4 4'2 436'2 426'2
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Sep '24 546'4 -1'4 552'0 540'4
Dec '24 571'6 -1'2 577'4 566'0
Mar '25 592'4 -1'2 598'0 587'2
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Aug '24 1120'2 2'4 1129'0 1113'0
Sep '24 1074'6 10'0 1082'2 1060'6
Nov '24 1079'0 10'2 1086'6 1063'6
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