Advancing In-Furrow Fertilizer Placement

Advancing In-Furrow Fertilizer Placement

September 10, 2020

ALPINE is pleased to announce that we’ve teamed up with Precision Planting with a rebate program to assist progressive growers in advancing fertilizer placement technology on their planters.

After purchasing Precision Planting upgrades for planting equipment, crop producers will be eligible for an annual rebate of up to $150 per year, per row of planter for three years. ALPINE’s cutting-edge, K-Tech based in-furrow starters, ALPINE G241-S, ALPINE HKW6, and ALPINE K19-S will qualify for a rebate from ALPINE with a minimum qualifying purchase to assist with the equipment investment. Please contact your local ALPINE Sales Manager for details.

ALPINE’s K-Tech in-furrow starters offer the best potassium nutrition available in the market today with its highly soluble and soil health promoting form of potassium. As with all of ALPINE’s in-furrow starter lineup these also offer very high ortho-phosphate content to maximize early season phosphate availability. ALPINE K19-S is new to Ontario this season and is a companion product for UAN solutions in order to add potassium and Sulphur at critical times in a crop’s development.

ALPINE’s lineup of K-Tech products provide 4R solutions which enable growers to maximize the efficiency of crop nutrition. Coupled with the innovative product lineup from Precision Planting, this package provides an excellent combination to advance crop yields to more profitable levels!


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